Annual Passover Gathering

The 2nd annual Passover gathering at Trail’s End campground will be held on April 23-May 4th!

Plan to be there!

It will be a wonderful week of studying our Father’s word and fellowshipping! Biblical topics and questions are accepted from attendees. The heavenly calendar and astronomy will definitely be studied and discussed, as will be the amazing lessons and gospel truths portrayed in these feasts (Passover, Unleavened bread, and First fruits).

About Trail’s End:

Trail’s End campground is a new private campground in Morgan County, Tennessee. The owners live on-site, and the entire campground is fenced and gated. Facilities are very primitive (think barrel shower, tents, composting toilet, and no electric hookup, with the minimal electricity we do have provided by solar panels). And we are totally out there. WAY out there. Like, forty-five minutes to Wal-mart out there. So it is really a wonderful place to relax, and take in the beauty of nature without the distractions of technology.


No specific schedule has been posted as of this writing.

Nearby attractions:

Umm, Well, …trails, trees, gardens, streams, farms, and a whole lot of cows. And a great of the view of the night sky.

Contact the host family at



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